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The websites (hereinafter WEBSITES) are operated by dr-ouwerkerk ag – just-medical! (hereinafter just-medical!), with registered office in Baar. The WEBSITES are directed to doctors, pharmacists, medical personnel, hospitals, universities and research institutes. Persons who access the WEBSITES (hereinafter USERS) consent to the following conditions.


These general usage conditions can be altered at any time without prior notice, and are immediately effective when published on the WEBSITES.


The USER has no claim to access these WEBSITES and to their error-free technical availability. just-medical! can block or restrict access to the WEBSITES at any time and without notification.


For persons who are not technical specialists, the content of the WEBSITES is to be considered as information only, and does not replace the advice of a doctor, pharmacist or other medical personnel.

Although just-medical! checks the contents for correctness and to make sure they are up to date, it cannot guarantee either, or that they are complete. just-medical! accepts no liability for damage to USERS or third parties arising from the use of the contents.

The WEBSITES may contain hyperlinks to other websites, contents or sources. The WEBSITES have no influence over the content of websites or sources provided by third parties. The USER acknowledges and accepts that the WEBSITES are not responsible for the availability of corresponding external websites or sources, and that just-medical! makes no recommendations regarding advertisements, products or other materials available on or through corresponding websites or sources. The USER acknowledges and accepts that just-medical! is not liable for loss or damage that arises for the USER due to the availability of corresponding external websites or sources, or that can be attributed to the fact that this USER has relied upon the completeness, correctness or availability of advertisement(s), product(s) or other materials available on or through corresponding websites or sources.

Offers, texts and graphic illustrations which a USER has published on the WEBSITES, in whatever form (offer descriptions, evaluations, entries as part of a «question-and-answer function», etc.) or communicated via the WEBSITES in another manner, may not violate any third-party rights regarding intellectual property, trademark, copyright, design or patents. The USER may use and publish images and texts on the WEBSITES only if they have created them, or if the copyright owner has consented to their use; this especially applies to text and images that are publicly accessible on another website.


It is forbidden to offer the following products and services on just-medical! websites:

  • Addresses of any kind, as well as personal data
  • Archaeological items having a cultural heritage (findings/objects)
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicinal products
  • Official ID and licenses
  • Decoding/decryption software or hardware
  • Drugs and other mind-altering substances
  • Tickets, including entry & airline tickets
  • E-mail addresses, domains, licenses, registration rights and banner ads
  • Explosive products, radioactive material, and other health-endangering chemicals and products
  • Communications systems, especially radio equipment that violates telecommunications legislation
  • Devices for illicit wiretapping
  • Stolen products and other products which do not belong to the seller
  • Credits
  • Cell phone dummies
  • War or army material
  • Food and consumables which are subject to food legislation
  • Tickets/lottery tickets
  • Human body parts and organs
  • National socialism (Nazi)/Racist/Political extremism
  • Pornography, content depicting sex or violence
  • Animals and plants
  • Weapons of any kind, especially firearms and cutting or thrusting weapons, as well as munitions of any kind
  • Securities and financial services
  • Cigarettes and certain tobacco products
  • Real estate, plots of land and the restricted real rights
  • Traffic signs
  • Illegal services
  • Sexual services


The WEBSITES collect personal data if the USER registers for a service or voluntarily provides data in another way. just-medical! can combine the personal data collected about the USER with data from other WEBSITE services or other companies, in order to improve the offer for the USER. The WEBSITES use cookies and other technology to make the services more user-friendly. In this way, the quality of the WEBSITES can be improved. The servers of just-medical! automatically record data if the USER visits the WEBSITES or uses just-medical! products. In so doing, the URL and IP addresses, the browser type and language, and the date and time of the web request are all registered. No personal data of the USER will be passed on to third parties.

The WEBSITES use Google Analytics to analyse the number of visitors to the WEBSITES and to improve their content. No personal data is used by Google Analytics. For additional information on the data protection regulations, just-medical! refers to the provisions of Google Analytics.


The USER is authorised to use the content of the WEBSITES for their own purposes. The only condition is that the USER must explicitly name the WEBSITES as their source.


The WEBSITES are financially supported by advertisements, including banner ads. Banner ads appear above, within, or to the right of the content, and are either labelled «advertisement» or placed within the boundaries of an area clearly separated from the actual content. Like advertisements in medical journals, banners have no influence on the content of the WEBSITES. In some sections of the WEBSITES, the publication of content or ads incurs a cost.


Swiss law shall apply exclusively. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zug, Switzerland.

Status 1 July 2023


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